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Talia Tamarin

I received my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Geophysics and master’s in Physics from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. I earned my PhD from the Weizmann Institute and completed a postdoctoral project at the University of Reading, U.K., and ith with Nili Harnik at Tel Aviv University. 

I joined MIT EAPS as an Assistant Professor in climate science in July 2023.

Open positions are available- students with a strong background in mathematics/physics and atmospheric dynamics are encouraged to apply.


My research concerns questions on the interface between weather and climate, specifically applying a ‘weather’ perspective (i.e., atmospheric dynamics occurring at the scales of storms) to better understand our climate system and how it might change in the future. Research topics include midlatitude storm-tracks, wave breaking events and eddy-mean flow interactions in the atmosphere, slowly-varying atmospheric circulation regimes, temperature variability, climate and weather extremes (such as heat waves and blockings), and how these may change as the climate warms. Aside from these, I am also interested in predictability on subseasonal-to-seasonal timescales, stratosphere-troposphere interactions, the dynamics of error growth in ensemble weather forecasts, and the role of surface-atmosphere interactions in generating extreme weather events. My research aims to deepen a fundamental understanding of climate and weather dynamics through a combination of theory, observational analysis, and numerical simulations with varying complexity, to address existing gaps in knowledge and ultimately improve our confidence in the simulated future climate changes.

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